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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Datapolis Process System release notes

Datapolis Process System includes everything you need to model, implement, manage and evolve process - driven applications in SharePoint. With Datapolis Process System you can simplify complex processes and organize all your workflows into a coherent system. Visit to learn more.

Datapolis Process System replaces Datapolis Workbox 2013 and is available in two editions, the “Workflow edition” or the “Application & Workflow edition”.  Both introduce new functionality while remaining backward compatible with Workbox.  Visit to learn more.

What’s new in Datapolis Process System?


Unique to Datapolis Process System are Datapolis Applications, stand-alone objects which perform a series of sub-processes or activities that can reach beyond standard workflow functions.  Datapolis Applications can be grouped into solutions to unify a complex process or pull together data from disparate sources.

  • Transform Workflows into Applications*
  • Package Applications into Solutions* 
  • Associate an existing application with a workflow state.


Solutions and Applications Management

  • Lists all available solutions and applications and deploys them from available templates. The administrator defines who can use each solution and on which site collection. 

Datapolis Process System Workflow Edit Permissions*

  • Sets up permissions to create and edit workflows. The administrator can specify the site collections on which a workflow definition can be deployed or modified and which users or teams can do so.

Performance Monitor*

  • Collects data and generates system performance reports including duration of selected workflows with details, average deployment times, etc.


Web Part that lists workflows and actions assigned to the current user.


Custom controls

  • Accepts custom developed controls in Launch Action and Launch Workflow forms.

New out-of-the-box activities:

  • Replace Text in .docx Document
  • Find Text in .docx Document.
  • Get .xlsx Spreadsheet Cell Values
  • Set .xlsx Spreadsheet Cell Values
  • Copy Items – Copy DocumentSet added
  • Move Items

*Application and Workflow edition only

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