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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Datapolis Process System press release: Create applications from workflows in SharePoint 2013

(Warsaw, April 14, 2014)

A new product unlocks advanced workflow capabilities in SharePoint 2013 to ease the job of administering complex systems.

Datapolis Process System is now available for purchase, following its debut in Las Vegas at Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2014, to create and deploy workflows, convert them into applications that can run independently or inside other workflows with central administration to simplify management and permissions while revealing statistics on usage and timing.

Paweł Bujak, Datapolis President: “When designing the new system we paid special attention to some issues that are relevant for SharePoint process engineers. Large organizations often use many dispersed workflows containing the same sub-processes, like invoicing, expenses, claims or legal statements. That’s why we decided to expand Datapolis Workbox and launch a new product. Engineers can modify only one application to implement changes everywhere it was used, keeping processes coherent and up-to-date.”

Datapolis Process System provides complete functionality to model, implement, manage, and evolve process driven applications in SharePoint. A readable drag & drop process designer, a simple forms builder and central administration allow administrators to build and manage workflows, set up clear permission structures and monitor workflow performance.

Solution providers will benefit from Datapolis development platform allowing them to build custom solutions. The licensing model will grant them rights to release solutions independently on a commercial basis.
Datapolis Process System is available in two editions: The “Workflow edition” supports existing applications, while the “Application & Workflow edition” enables building new ones and offers extended administration options.

For convenience, Datapolis prepared an online test site, a hosted SharePoint environment allowing registrants to test and deploy Datapolis Process System workflows free of charge. With up to five user accounts and no time limit, anyone interested in Datapolis Process System can assess its capabilities. A fully functional 30-day trial version is also available. More information can be found on

About Datapolis

Datapolis develops user-friendly and flexible solutions for SharePoint environments which support dynamic processes, information and document flows in medium and large enterprises. Since its inception in 2001 the company has focused on strategic cooperation with Microsoft and is at the moment Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development , Collaboration and Content and Communications. Datapolis is a member of Passus Group, a leading IT product and services company from Poland employing over 100 engineers and specialists.

Over 100 enterprises worldwide use our solutions. Among them are:, ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, Advantage Bank, Tyco International, TIM Mobile, Burger King, Dana Corp, DARPA, GridPoint, Los Angeles World Airports, Microsoft, North American Interconnect, SRA International, and The United States House of Representatives.

For more information contact Maciej Józefowicz at maciej.jozefowicz[at]

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Datapolis sponsors SharePoint Omaha User Group

Datapolis sponsors the April meeting of SharePoint Omaha User Group this Thursday, April 3rd. We invite all the SP users in Omaha area to come to Bluecross Blueshield at 11.30 AM, meet the community and learn a few new things about workflows and our solutions. Our partner Kay Wise will be there to have a presentation about SharePoint workflows and how to use them in process improvement. You can find more details here.

Topic : Process Improvement through Workflows: Connect the click points.

Consider real-life customer complaints facing a telecom company and imagine how to improve their order entry and fulfillment process using SharePoint workflows. See how data flow diagrams and workflow diagrams can improve communication with process participants. With a focus on design considerations and using workflows for more than just approvals, the presentation will describe a simple workflow for the telecom company and two more complex running workflows: one for simultaneous posting of content in two languages to an internet site and another to coordinate a publishing process.

Speaker : Kay Wise

Kay Wise has been processing information since she added page numbers to her Mother Goose book and indexed her favorite nursery rhymes. But her education in the field started at age 35 when she spent seven years assisting with an artificial intelligence project at Creighton. In 1982 at ACI, Kay designed and helped develop a relational database, client-server programs, and internal processes for software management, cost accounting, and billing. In 1989 Kay opened The Wise Choice Consulting Co. where her clients included the City of Omaha, and where she volunteered as chair of Infotec. In 1992 she joined First Data where she was promoted to Director of Financial Systems and later Director of the Software Engineering Process Group. Between 2001 and 2008, Kay retired to teach time management and project management, volunteer with the League of Women Voters, write about Positive Politics, and paint landscapes in oil and acrylic. During this period she also installed and ran SharePoint 2003 on an old laptop.

In 2006 Kay’s husband, Kenneth was asked to come to Dubai to organize a think tank, called Dubai Consulting Research & Media Center, (b’huth). Kay convinced management there that they needed SharePoint and workflows. She designed internal processes and organized teams to produce daily, weekly and quarterly research reports. Researchers, writers and translators, most working from home in a half dozen different countries, use SharePoint to coordinate their contributions to various publications. Having worked with Datapolis for workflows at b’huth and impressed by the company, Kay offered to edit English and provide local representation for Datapolis after she returned to Omaha in the summer of 2013.

Kay’s formal education includes a bachelor's degree summa cum laude in English, history, and education, and a master’s degree in history with subsequent coursework in psychology, computer science and fine art. She is also trained in project management, the Weinberg school of Quality Software Development, the Software CMM, and Six Sigma.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Datapolis Process System release notes

Datapolis Process System includes everything you need to model, implement, manage and evolve process - driven applications in SharePoint. With Datapolis Process System you can simplify complex processes and organize all your workflows into a coherent system. Visit to learn more.

Datapolis Process System replaces Datapolis Workbox 2013 and is available in two editions, the “Workflow edition” or the “Application & Workflow edition”.  Both introduce new functionality while remaining backward compatible with Workbox.  Visit to learn more.

What’s new in Datapolis Process System?


Unique to Datapolis Process System are Datapolis Applications, stand-alone objects which perform a series of sub-processes or activities that can reach beyond standard workflow functions.  Datapolis Applications can be grouped into solutions to unify a complex process or pull together data from disparate sources.

  • Transform Workflows into Applications*
  • Package Applications into Solutions* 
  • Associate an existing application with a workflow state.


Solutions and Applications Management

  • Lists all available solutions and applications and deploys them from available templates. The administrator defines who can use each solution and on which site collection. 

Datapolis Process System Workflow Edit Permissions*

  • Sets up permissions to create and edit workflows. The administrator can specify the site collections on which a workflow definition can be deployed or modified and which users or teams can do so.

Performance Monitor*

  • Collects data and generates system performance reports including duration of selected workflows with details, average deployment times, etc.


Web Part that lists workflows and actions assigned to the current user.


Custom controls

  • Accepts custom developed controls in Launch Action and Launch Workflow forms.

New out-of-the-box activities:

  • Replace Text in .docx Document
  • Find Text in .docx Document.
  • Get .xlsx Spreadsheet Cell Values
  • Set .xlsx Spreadsheet Cell Values
  • Copy Items – Copy DocumentSet added
  • Move Items

*Application and Workflow edition only