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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Datapolis Process System features: Applications

Datapolis Process System lets you convert workflows into DPS apps, stand-alone objects that may be used inside other workflows and by external solutions. Multiple processes can be managed from a single repository. DPS Application repositories help simplify and organize the process system, support process improvement, control changes, and accelerate acceptance, bringing order to the workflow system and the whole SharePoint environment.

Pull together common processes into a single repository

Use DPS Applications to combine generic processes and procedures such as booking a conference room or purchasing fixed assets then use them in workflows distributed throughout your organization. Modify only one application to implement changes in workflows and keep your process system coherent.

Simplify complex workflows by using manageable applications 

Divide complex workflows into a single top-level process diagram with multiple DPS Applications, each app reflecting a sub process or a group of tasks. Dividing a single process into multiple apps allows development teams to deliver quickly while facilitating maintenance long term.

Parallel sub-processes 

Design a workflow process to include DPS Applications that can be executed in parallel. Keep the workflow schema clear while allowing different sub-processes to be executed at the same time.

Automatically execute and handle multiple processes

Create workflows which enable multiple threads to execute a single sub-process at the same time. Grab and use machine data from all instances of this sub-process.

You can read more about our new solution HERE.

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