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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Our new solution: Datapolis Process System

It helps you do whatever you do again and again on SharePoint. It includes everything you need to model, implement, manage and evolve process - driven applications in SharePoint. With it you can simplify complex processes and organize all your workflows into a coherent system.

 This is Datapolis Process System: our new tool which uses the design and capabilities of Datapolis Workbox, but expands them further. With Datapolis Process System you can organize SharePoint workflows into applications that can be used inside other workflows and by external solutions.

You will be able to:

  1. Pull together generic processes into a single repository that can be used in many workflows 
  2. Simplify complex workflows by building them from smaller-scale applications (think about building blocks!) 
  3. Design parallel sub-processs 
  4. Execute multiple instances of the same process simultaneously. 

You can also design a process and transform it into a workflow using a graphic designer known from Datapolis Workbox. All your processes can be managed with Datapolis Central Administration.

We will present Datapolis Process System for the first time at the SharePoint Conference in Vegas. A trial version and on-line test sites will be available very soon! Stay tuned for more information on Datapolis Process System and how it can improve your process management.

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