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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Working together: Datapolis Workbox and Allium Document Management

As you may know, Datapolis has created Partner Program  for companies operating in similar niches. By participating in the program our partners can integrate Datapolis Workbox with their own solutions. Today I would like to present one of them. Allium Document Management utilizes our workflows to facilitate processing large quantities of documents

Allium is the Czech company providing ERP and document management systems. It solution, Allium Document Management, allows storing and processing documents in a controlled, structured manner. Datapolis Workbox powers the workflow component for multiple document types. It ensures faster processing, easy accessibility to the central document catalog, and, by reducing the human factor, a lower error rate.

Allium Document Management home page

One of the companies that use this solution is Pipelife Czech, the largest Czech producer and seller of plastic piping systems, Pipelife Czech has deployed Allium Document Management to streamline processing several thousand paper invoices each month, including document digitalization, workflow-based DMS, and integration with ERP software.

Radek Hradil, operational director of another Allium customer UNIBON, explains the benefits of introducing Allium Document Management in his company: “In the original plan, we expected to reduce effort and human resources by 50% processing almost 200 daily e-mails with two full-time people. In reality, we reduced human power to just 25% of the original and cut process time.”

Workflow actions in Allium Document Management

If you would like to know more about the solution, you can download the information package HERE.

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