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Friday, October 11, 2013

State machine or sequential workflows?

Read the article by Paweł Misiurewicz, CEO of Datapolis, on

In today's corporate world business processes are omnipresent. But their sequential automation is not sufficient anymore. It reduces people taking part in them to simple machine-like elements. On the other hand, SharePoint environment offers other type of workflows apart from sequential ones: state machine workflows. Which of them will suit your enterprise better?

To find out, read the article by Paweł Misiurewicz, CEO of Datapolis. It explains the difference between state machine and sequential workflows, how they affect business planning, and their usability in various types of processes. You will see that a workflow’s successful implementation depends on its flexibility and readability and you will discover which type of workflow works better in a given situation.

State machine or sequential workflows - which suit you better?

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Paweł’s article is available here.

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