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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Datapolis Workbox 3.1 Release Notes

Below is the list of changes included in the current version of Datapolis Workbox.

Datapolis Workbox administration panel in the Central Administration:
  • Workbox Solution Management Page Allows to easily deploy and retract Datapolis Workbox to and from single web application or the whole farm.
  • Manage Workflow Deployments Allows site collection administrators to track and manage all workflows in the SharePoint farm on a single page.
  •  Configure Logging Allows to specify logging level of selected Datapolis Workbox components in the same way as SharePoint does.
  • Configure Actions Appearance Simplifies uploading and managing icons which can be used as action icons in Datapolis Workbox.

Workflow History page with complete redesign:
  • Easy and comfortable navigation.
  • Optimized for SharePoint 2013.
  • Activities that start workflows include links to the workflow history. o Activities that cover user permissions include names of roles.
  • Set Workflow Variable activity includes name of a variable.

Versioning of workflow definitions:
  • Datapolis Workbox supports versioning of workflow definitions.
  • Workflow definitions that are being edited stay checked out during the process to prevent changes by the other users at the same time.
  • Previous versions of workflow definitions are now manageable and can be removed, restored, etc.
  • Read-only access to the previous versions of workflow without deployment.
Improved security standards:
  • It is now possible to limit permissions to manually start workflow only to users who already have list management permission.

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