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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Datapolis Workbox 3.1 is released

We have released the new version of our core product, Datapolis Workbox 2013. Big thanks to our developers, testers, analysts, site administrators, marketing people, and all the others who made it possible!

You can test Datapolis Workbox 3.1 for free HERE. If you already use our program or if you are decided you want to employ it you can download a free upgrade or a trial version HERE.

Our philosophy
In the words of Paweł Bujak, Datapolis CEO: “Changes that we introduced in the latest Datapolis Workbox edition will help particularly business analysts and SharePoint administrators. The 3.1 release allows flexible administration and management of business processes while additional security levels assure that modeled workflows are safe and their users have more control over them. The new edition of our tool also includes the modified graphic presentation of workflows history, optimized for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and providing users with more information. We hope those changes will make working with Datapolis Workbox more effective.”

Datapolis Workbox combines two workflow layers: business and technical. It can be used by both business executives and IT professionals.

What is new?
The 3.1 release introduces centralized workflow management, workflow versioning, and a number of other improvements. SharePoint’s Central Administration has been updated with Datapolis Workbox administration panel, providing users with one place where they can operate on all the workflows. Administration panel allows for deployment or retraction of Datapolis Workbox to and from the whole farm and single web applications without a need of running the installer.

The upgrade also supports versioning of workflow definitions. Previous versions of workflows are now available for commenting, reviewing, combining, or reverting to them. It is possible to go back to older workflow version without deploying it but also use it anew if needed. The new release of Datapolis Workbox comes with even higher level of workflow security and integrity. Workflow definitions that are being edited stay checked out during the process to prevent unwanted changes by other users. Permissions to start a workflow manually can be limited only to users who already have list management permission.

Datapolis Workbox is fully integrated with SharePoint. You can access it directly from SharePoint ribbon.

All the capabilities of the 3.1 release can be tested on the Datapolis Workbox Online Test Sites. It is a hosted SharePoint 2013 environment which allows to deploy and test workflows free of charge. With up to five user accounts and no time limit anyone interested in the software can assess its capabilities and check if they meet the expectations.

About Datapolis
Datapolis develops user-friendly and flexible solutions for SharePoint environments which support dynamic processes, information and document flows in medium and large companies. Since its inception in 2001 the company has focused on strategic cooperation with Microsoft and it is at the moment Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development , Collaboration and Content, and Communications. Datapolis is a member of Passus Group, a leading IT product and services company employing over 100 engineers and specialists.

Our core product is Datapolis Workbox – a human-centric workflow solution for SharePoint. Delivered with a graphical designer, Workbox allows modeling of workflows on a set of business and technical layers – the first reflecting process and its phases, the latter offering room for automated logic, e.g. for creating tasks. This architecture makes it easy to build, read and change even the most complex workflows. We also provide a wide range of services to our partners and customers, making our solutions easy to use.

Over 100 enterprises worldwide use our solutions. Among them are: The United States House of Representatives, ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, Advantage Bank, Tyco International, TIM Mobile, Burger King, Dana Corp, DARPA, GridPoint, Los Angeles World Airports, Microsoft, North American Interconnect, and SRA International.

You can find more information on our website

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