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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New release of Workbox 2010 is ready for download

We have published a new release of Workbox 2010. Current version is
As always you can get it from here:

What is new in the latest release:
  • Workflow Innovations
    Workbox has been extended to support new workflow types introduced by SharePoint 2010: Site Workflows, Reusable Workflows and Globally Reusable Workflows.
  • Extended Launch Forms
    Launch Forms for both actions and workflows have been extended with the possibility of using InfoPath forms or custom Web sites.
  • Add Item Activity With Possibility of Setting Item Field Values
    Add Item activity has been extended with the ability of setting field values of the newly created item, thus eliminating the need of using Edit Items activity to perform this task and allowing items to be added correctly when a list-level validation is set.
  • Add User to Active Directory Activity
    The activity allows creating new Active Directory accounts with defined properties.
  • Run PowerShell Script Activity
    The activity allows running PowerShell scripts on current SharePoint farm.
  • Send Web Service Request Function
    The function allows sending SOAP requests to Web services and receiving responses.
  • Extended Field Permissions
    Field permissions for workflow state now support two new fields: Attachments and Author Information.
  • End State Name in Workflow History
    Workflow end state’s custom name is now displayed in workflow history.
  • Extended Loop Activity
    Loop iterator has been added to Loop activity. The Result field has been renamed to Run Loop Again and, if performing next iteration will not be possible, the field will contain information about the cause.
Please update and let us know what you think!

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