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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workbox 2.1.16 is released

New Workbox 2010 hotfix - was released. Below is the list of changes made in this version of Datapolis Workbox.
  • Error Fixes
    • Workbox now supports retrieving data from External Lists via lookups. Also, since lists of this type do not support workflow, Workbox has been made inactive on them.
    • Editing a procedure from Activity Diagram in Workbox Designer no longer produces broken lookups.

  • WBInterface now provides a schema that can be used for integrating Workbox with other applications, like Microsoft InfoPath.

  • Workflow diagram can now be printed directly from Workbox Designer.

  • Most of Workbox’s user interface has been translated into German.

  • List item edit form now contains Workflow Actions Ribbon button, which can be used to save the form and launch a Workbox action with one click.

To download Workbox please follow this link

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