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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2 webinars on Wednesday (21-06)

This Wednesday we are giving two webinars for technical staff.

First webinar is focused on achieving some of the most common requirements of your business users. It is intended for people not familiar with Workbox and it's features. More details and registration.

Second webinar is a technical webinar about potential traps you can fall into when deploying SharePoint workflow solutions. This session is not a product session and is focused on standard SharePoint and WWF issues. If you are planning to develop an enterprise-wide solution or you have already tried and failed - this session is for you. We are going to have two sessions - one for Europe and one for US. Check out the details and register.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hotfix 1.7.7 is released

New hotfix for version 1.7 was released. The following issues were solved:
  • Activities not working for user who has permissions only to elements in a single folder on the site collection,
  • Errors when matching content types while importing workflow definition,
  • Error while editing user field with activities that work on list items,
  • Adding user, who's not among site users, to a list column,
  • Missing filters in lookups to list item,
  • Issues with adding and removing user permissions using activities.

To download the fixed version please follow this link