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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Workbox 2.1 is ready! New SDK is ready! Sidebar Gadget is ready

What’s new in Workbox 2.1

Today we have published a new version of Workbox. Below is the list of changes made in the new version of Workbox.

  • Decisions

    New functionality extends existing usage of actions and states and makes designing of automatic workflows much easier.

    Decision which outgoing action to perform is make based on conditions – when incoming action for decision is launched. If none of conditions are met then the last action if launched.

  • Filtered lookups was expanded

    New functionalities allows you to:

    • Choose from elements collection returned by filtering; available options: First, Min, Max, All

    • Multiple sorting of returned collection

    • Save collection using provided separator

  • Launch workflow parameters

    Allow you to initialize workflow variables when launching workflow. It works similar to launch action parameters. Useful when passing input parameters for workflows during:

    • Manual launch

    • Using Workbox network service to launch workflow

    • When using “Launch workflow action”

  • Workbox Designer is using Silverlight 4!

    Building Workbox Designer with Silverlight 4 extends functionality and makes working with graphical designer much easier.

  • Value editing directly in form’s field

    You can now change form field value by editing it directly on the form. To use lookups just click on icon placed on the right side of the field and choose one from history of lookups or create it from scratch.

  • Rich text box context menu

    You can right-click in the rich text box and use a context menu to copy and paste text between designer windows as well as between Workbox and other applications. This functionality allows you to copy lookups as well.

  • Changing color scheme of Workbox Designer

    You can choose one of predefined color schemes or define your own. You can set the following elements:

    • Actions – color of action, action name and icon (common color)

    • Workspace background color

    • Grid line color

    • “Add new role” icon color

    • Role and state highlight color

    • Panel with roles background color

    • Action indicators color

  • New fields for „Send E-mail” activity

    Added new, not required fields for message recipients:

    • CC (carbon copy)

    • BCC (blind carbon copy)

  • „Run asynchronously” option for selected activities

    Option is available for “Launch workflow” and “Launch action” activities.

  • Keyboard shortcuts inside Workbox Designer

    • CTRL+C – copy selected text to system clipboard

    • CTRL+X – cut selected text to system clipboard

    • CTRL+V – paste content from system clipboard

    • CTRL+Z – undo changes in form field

    • CTRL+Y – redo changes in form field

  • „Current Action Destination State’s Name” – new lookup for workflow states

    You can find it in following path: Workflow Data > Workflow States.

  • Icon indicating using some activities in action

    Over the arrow which shows action’s direction there is an icon which informs that there are following activities (or procedures with those activities):

    • Start workflow

    • Launch workflow action

    • Terminate workflow

  • Icon indicating using action execution conditions

    When at least one action execution condition exists proper icon indicator appears.

  • Icon indicating existing of selftimer

    If there is a selftimer defined using outgoing action for specific state – then that action gets an icon indicator.

  • New activity - „For each item”

    Activity allows launching other activities or activity group for list items matching provided conditions. This solution simplifies iterating through all or selected items, returning information which were modified.

Also we have published new Workbox 2010 SDK - with lot of new features - this is Software Development Kit for Workbox 2010. It includes Web Services description, Object Model description, help on how to create activities and functions and Visual Studio sample projects.

In addition we have published new Windows Desktop Gadget for Workbox - This small application placed on Windows 7 / Vista desktop gives users immediate information about new workflow tasks waiting for them. User can monitor chosen SharePoint lists and launch workflow actions straight from the gadget without the need to log into SharePoint. The gadget allows defining up to 8 shortcuts to SharePoint lists with deployed workflows.

To download our products please follow this link

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