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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hotfix 1.7.3 is released

New hotfix for version 1.7 was released. This hotfix repairs below problems:
  • View and edit form ignored the filed security settings for state - error applied only if SCP Pro was not installed and turned on for given list.
  • Launch form "Date" and "Users" field types allow empty values despite having the "Required" parameter set to "True".
  • Launch form "User" field type accepts people despite "Groups only" setting.
  • When the "Edit item" activity is copied it shares it's "field values" setting with all the copies. Update on one instance of the copied activity changes all other "Edit item" activities copied from the same source.
  • Reusing the "Find user" lookup inside one activity returns empty string.
  • Name, description and value of variable appeared in the used lookups.
  • The designer stayed grayed out after submitting an error.
  • SCP Pro feature was not activated during the setup.

To download the fixed version please follow this link

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