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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hotfix 1.7.1 is released

New hotfix for version 1.7 was released. This release repairs below problems:

  • Wrong functionality of lookups to actions
  • Not properly working IF activity
  • Wrong functionality of lists web service in SCP PRO

To download the fixed version please follow this link

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Workbox 1.7 is ready!

Today we have published a new version of Workbox. Most emphasis was put on improving performance, but a number of new features were added as well.

Below is the list of changes made in the new version of Workbox.

  • "Loop" - new activity
    "Loop" activity allows running other activities multiple times, assuming that:

    • Set conditions are met
    • Maximum iterations number is not exceeded.

    All Workbox activities can be executed within loop, including other (nested) loops
  • "Send E-mail" activity – two new output parameters
    Two new output parameters have been added to "Send E-mail" activity:

    • "Sent to" - returns e-mail addresses to which message had been sent
    • "Invalid accounts" – returns names of users who could not be found or whose e-mail addresses had not been set
  • "Edit items" – modifying multiple fields in one activity
    "Edit items" activity now supports modifying multiple fields in one go. This helps to prevent workflow’s size bloating, which resulted in impaired performance.
    The functionality bases on a new field type – Hashtable – which can be used in custom activities. For more information, please see SDK.

  • Set of new functions
    The following functions have been added:

    • Text before
    • Text after
    • Right
    • Date format
  • Procedures
    Procedures is a new functionality allowing creating groups of activities which then can be reused in various places within the workflow. It simplifies both the workflow’s definition and managing sequences of activities.

  • Performance
    In the current release, performance has been considerably improved:

    • Workflows – faster workflow starting and action execution:

      • 10% for "old" workflows;
      • 30-50% for re-deployed workflows;
      • Up to 90% for rebuild workflows, using new features (like “Edit items” activity with multiple fields support).

    • Workbox Designer:

      • List of used lookups opens about 50-70% faster.
  • Changes in activities' category structure
    New activity category has been introduced: Control. Additionally, categories are now collapsed by default.

  • Advanced Workflow Editing
    This option is available for Administrators on "Workbox Settings" page. It allows free, unconstrained editing of activity fields in workflow definition (for instance, in place of selecting SharePoint list from lookup tree, user can enter its URL). The feature is for advanced users. Note: the feature does not include security constraints, therefore caution in using it is advised.

  • Licensing improvements
    A number of issues concerning Datapolis’ products reinstallation have been fixed.

  • New SharePoint Column Protector Pro
    This release contains SharePoint Column Protector Pro ORM, instead of SharePoint Column Protector OEM. In case you are using other Datapolis solutions besides Workbox, please see the compatibility table, which can be found at

You can download new release here: