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Monday, March 15, 2010

Workbox 1.6 is ready!

We have just released a new release of Workbox.
Below you will find a list of changes included in the release 1.6. Changes that affect the existing workflow and designer functionalities are marked with red exclamation marks and should receive your attention.
  • “Current Item" parameter for item-operating activities
    When you want an activity to perform operations on the current item only, you can simply check the “Current Item” checkbox – there will be no need to provide a site, list and set item filters.
    The parameter is available for the following activities:

    • Edit Items
    • Copy Items
    • Delete Items
    • Check In/Out Item
    • Approve/reject Item
    • Send an E-mail (current item attachments)
    • Launch Workflow Action
    • Start Workflow
    • Terminate Workflow

    There is also a new parameter for “File” field type in Action Launch Form: “Attach to current item”. When selected, all files uploaded by Action Launch Form will be attached to the current item.
  • “Run as” parameter for activities
    The “Run as” parameter provides a way to set the account on which an activity should operate. You can select from the following:

    • Current user with system rights
    • System account
    • Current user

    The parameter is now available in the following activities

    • Add Item
    • Edit Items
    • Copy Items
    • Delete Items
    • Check In/Out Item
    • Launch Workflow Action
    • Start Workflow
    • Terminate Workflow

    Note: The option “Current user with system rights” is not available for workflow-managing activities (last three from the list above).
    The “Run as” parameter is also available in Action Launch Form for the “File” field type. You can choose by which user account the files should be uploaded
  • System Update in Edit Items activity
    In Edit Items activity there is now a new parameter: “System Update”. It allows modifying an item without changing its “Last modified” and “Last modified by” fields.
  • Activity containers
    We have added a new quasi-activity: a Container. It can group a number of activities, allowing you to move them all at once, thus helping you manage your activities diagrams. It can also be collapsed, making the diagram more readable by hiding its content.
  • Name of the If activity.
    You can change the name of the If activity. This will make your complex activity diagrams more readable and easier to understand.
  • Send E-mail activity – now sends e-mails to group members
    Now you can provide SharePoint users and groups as mail recipients without the need of knowing their e-mail addresses.
  • New function: Replace Multiple Words
    A new function has been added: Replace Multiple Words. It eliminates the need to use the Replace function for each word. The Replace Multiple Words function replaces all occurrences of specified words with other words.
  • !Null (empty) workflow variables!
    Workbox now accepts variables to be null (empty). For example, in previous releases of Workbox if you didn’t provide a value for an Integer field on Action Launch Form, the corresponding workflow variable was automatically set to 0 (zero). Now the variable will have a null (empty) value.
  • Action Launch Form templates
    When you create a new an Action Launch Form, set its header and footer, assign workflow variables and set all the field parameters, you can save such a form as a template, which could then be used in other actions.
  • Action fields validation in WBInfo web service
    If you are using Workbox SDK, this information might be important: starting from this release there is server-side action fields validation when running an action through web service, implementing the same logic as the standard Action Launch Forms. The web service returns any errors found and halts the action execution process.
  • Read-only fields on Action Launch Forms
    You can now set a field to be read only. It will work as a normal field, but the user will not be allowed to change its value. The field will be rendered as disabled.
  • Permission level matching while importing workflow from file
    Workflow matching functionality has been enhanced with permission levels.

    Note: Remember that this functionality works only for workflows exported by Workbox Designer 1.6.
  • Changes in deploying workflows on email-receiving document libraries
    Now, if you work on a site administrator and site owner account, you don’t have to set in web.config a different account for deploying workflows on email-receiving document libraries. The workflows are deployed using your account and will start automatically after an e-mail is received

    Note: Remember that you need additional configuration for SharePoint – see Known Errors on Workbox Blog for more information.
  • Custom name for End state
    The End state can now have a custom name. The name can vary, depending on which action ended the workflow.

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