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Monday, January 4, 2010

Workbox and SCP

You may have noticed during Workbox installation or when viewing the features, that apart from Workbox, you have one more product from Datapolis installed - SharePoint Column Protector (SCP).

SharePoint Column Protector is a Datapolis product which is embeded into the Workbox. SCP is used to manage permissions to view columns (fields) of an item. It is used in Workbox to manage permissions to an item in a state.

SCP is a commercial product (you can check the price on our web site) that can work completely independent from Workbox. You can try it out (it has 30 day trial period) and see if it is usefull for you.

When you install Workbox, SCP is installed in runtime mode, in which you are not able to manage the permissions to the item columns without the workflow. In other words, SCP in embeded in Workbox and can be used only through Workbox. There is a small hack that you can do and use the SCP fully for 30 days, but after that it will stop working and will be accessible only through Workbox

If you purchase SCP then you are able to use its full functionality and Workbox will still use it. One important thing - Workbox overrides SCP settings - so if you configure something in SCP and then run a Workbox workflow on this list, then SCP setting will be ignored.

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