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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scope of the release 1.5.5

Sorry for not publishing this earlier - most of the Workbox team is currently off for holidays after the exhausting release 1.5. We will start working on the new release in January.
As always - after releasing the big release we are going to do the sub-release, that will be shorter and will only improve the existing features, without introducing any big changes.
In the next release of Workbox (expected by the end of January) we will introduce the following functionalities:
  • "Current item" check-box - you will be able to quickly point to the current item on item activities instead of defining the list and item filter "ID=[Current item ID]".
  • "As current user" check-box - you will be able to define on item activities, that in item modification history the "modified by" will be set to the user launching the action instead of the "system" account
  • "Do not change version" check-box - you will be able to set on the "edit item" activity that the changes should be done without adding new version to the item. Very useful when editing multiple fields.
  • Launch form templates - you will be able to save your launch form as a template and use it on another action in the same workflow
  • Read only fields on launch form
  • Permission level matching - currently permission levels are not matched during workflow migration. This will change in the new release
  • Activity grouping - you will be able to group selected activities on the activity diagram, fold such group, copy it, move, etc.

  • "If" activity name will be displayed on the diagram
We will also optimize the workflow deployment mechanism to speed up the workflow deployment process and fix any bugs from the previous releases.

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