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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneak peek - Viewing the values provided by user on action launch form (variables)

As you probably might know, you can ask your user to provide some information when launching the action.
This data is then stored inside the workflow. You can surface it by using the "edit item" activity and putting this value unto some SharePoint field, or for example send it in the e-mail and so on.

In the new release we will also display that data in the workflow history. Thanks to this new functionality you will be able to easily check what data the users have provided in the launch form.
You can see how it looks on the screen-shots from the beta version:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rich e-mail messages

You might have come to a problem, when you had to send an e-mail with Workbox and it was, well .... ugly.
Your only option to make it look better was to use HTML with styles and format entire message in the not-so-convenient textbox. We do not have any good Silverlight control that would allow you to create nice looking messages in the Workbox, but we have a workaround.

The workaround is to create a separate list, where you can use the SharePoint richtext box to define the message. For example - have a list with 2 fields - one would be the title, which would define what kind of message this is and another is a multi-line textbox field with rich content enabled. Then inside the designer just use lookup to make the workflow use this field value in the e-mail. This has also a great advantage that you can change e-mail message without redeploying workflow.

How about using lookups in such message?
You have two options - either you combine the message from few elements and insert lookup between them or you can use the "Replace multiple words" to replace a chosen tags with lookup values.

One thing to remember - text in Sharepoint textboxes is using SharePoint styles. Make sure to choose the font family and size to get the same styles in your message.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hotfix 1.4.3 is released

Because the release was postponed we have decided to publish the hotfix. It is fixing the bug that is causing the designer stalling (see this error). There is also one fix to the installer, which is making the installer more resistant to the errors.
As always, the new version is available here

Workbox vs. SharePoint Designer

We have created a table that compares SPD 2007 and Workbox. You can download it from here

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Release postponed

I should have published this 2 weeks earlier, but I just forgot.

The release of version 1.4.5 is posponed. We were having some staffing dificulties (few vacations, another project, 2 sick leaves, one honey moon) which have led to time-line slip. Most of the functionalities are ready, but we need to test them, which will take us 2-3 weeks. The more specific date will be published next week.

Sorry to all who were expecting the release - we are doing all we can to get it ready as soon as possible