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Friday, September 25, 2009

Coping or moving your lookup

Lookups are very powerful and allow you to greatly enhance your workflow. They are also sometimes time consuming to configure (especially when using functions or embedded lookups).

As you already might have noticed it is impossible to copy anything from the rich textbox that allows you to configure the lookup. What can you do if you would like to use the same lookup somewhere else or move the lookup to another place?
This can be a really important feature when after defining some lookup you realize that you would need to do one more operation with the lookup (for example trim it or add "5" to a calculated value). What to do, apart from creating the lookup from scratch?

The solution for this problem are the "used lookups". As you might have noticed, when you create new lookup a small context menu appears, allowing you to create a lookup based on another lookup.

If you would like to copy an already created lookup, simply choose it's new location and select the lookup that should be copied from the list of used lookups. If you want to move the lookup, simply delete the source lookup AFTER creating the copied one. If you would like to insert a used lookup into a function do it the same way as you would move the lookup - create a new lookup in the function, based on the existing one and then delete the first one.

One more thing - new lookups do not modify the lookups that were used  to create them. The existing lookups act as templates for the lookups. You can modify the new one and be sure that the existing one will not be modified.

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