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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Automatic item permissions in SharePoint

NOTE: See important performance information in this post

We have been asked by one of our users

"Our business need is to allow users access to particular items only if they are listed in a 'points of contact' field in the item. This appears to be possible but not clean with MOSS.

Is this something your product can help with? If not, do you have a suggestion?"

Workbox allows you to create a solution for this problem in minutes.
We have created a short tutorial to show you how you can easily achieve this scenario by using Workbox workflow.

You can also download a definition of this workflow to try it our on your environment.

Generally you can use the "Set item permissions" activity to set the permissions of the current item. Users who shoudl receive permissions can be extracted from different sources - current user, author, last editor, user inputed in the item fields or by user when launching the action. There are many options and ways you can use this activity in. If you have some comments or ideas, please write them in comments to this post.

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