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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plans for the next release

Sorry for the late post - we have started working on the release and I couldn't find the time to write on this blog.

The new release - probably version 1.4.5 will introduce 2 big features - saving workflows in STP and action launch form management.

This means that starting from the new release you will be able to save your site as a site definition and then create a new site from this definition. All your workflows saved in the definition will match and deploy automatically.

In the new release, instead of just choosing the variables for the action launch form, you will be able to completely control the form - more details in next post.

Also in the new release:
  • values provided on the action launch form will be displayed in the history
  • you will be able to specify the folder in the item activities
  • Workbox will be setup as a site and not site collection feature - this will give the administrators more flexibility in configuring their environment
  • Action launch URL lookup - you will be able to get the URL of the action launch pages for the next state. Thanks to that you can for ex. send an e-mail with a link that takes you to the "Accept" action page, instead of just to element.
  • "IF", "And", "Or" functions
  • History for the "If" activity
and as always - bug fixes and more "Help"

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